Become your own electronic signature provider

Easy, flexible e-signature integration

We have created a simple solution that will allow you to integrate our source code in other applications, or deploy the full code to create a dashboard with your logo and colors. Furthermore, you can modify and change the source code as you need. We provide complete autonomy so you can decide the electronic signature provider you want to be.

Review Source Code Documentation
  • Dashboard

  • API_Rest

  • Biometric signatures

  • Simple signatures

  • Certify emails

  • No software or app needed.

  • Microservices in AWS

  • Webservice/webapp.

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  • Unlimited accounts

  • Unlimited services

  • Supply to third parties

  • Decide when and how

  • Innovate on top of the code

  • One shot payment

Source code resources include:

  • Access to Github repositories.

  • 10 hours of technical support.

  • 10 hours of legal support.

Source Code Cost

  • Limited users

  • Limited uses

  • Limited plans

  • Costly API

  • Always dependant

  • Only costs never profit

  • Start from scratch

  • 12 months to MVP

  • No assurances it will work

  • Dedicated IT team

  • Know-how needed

  • Years before reaching our code

  • Unlimited services

  • Start-of-the-art code

  • Fork the source code

  • Becomes your code

  • Monetize the services
  • One shot payment

Added value of getting our source code

Why us?

We are experts in the digital signature field, having worked for many prime players. We want to give companies the opportunities of becoming self sufficient. Noawadays everything is under a SaaS model, where in many theres really not any value added except maintaing active the product. If you need to send documents to sign, in a easy and legal way, then we are here for you. 

Review our API Documentation
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